To All Who Donate...

Ladies of Law Enforcement could not begin to minister to the local blue line agencies without the love and support of the many individuals, businesses, and corporations that see our mission as important. 


We are thankful for every hour of volunteer work and every penny of financial support given to aid the law enforcement community by those that chose to partner with us. We do not take any of it for granted and are eager to see others join our mission of love and support.


Currently, we are working on filing our tax exempt status with the IRS. This is a time consuming process and quite costly. Until the tax exempt status is granted, Ladies of Law Enforcement is a ministry of Crestview Independent Baptist Church. As soon as the status is granted, it will be a completely separate 501 (c) 3 serving our law enforcement community.

When you donate, please write, Ladies of Law Enforcement in the comments section.