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Hannah &Rusty Fortune at the Grogan Strong Gala in April of 2019. Rusty is Hannah's biggest supporter, despite the fact that he is not in law enforcement himself

Welcome to a glimpse of my heart!

Divides in society are nothing new, a sad, but all too true fact. I get asked all the time, "If you aren't related to a law enforcement officer, why are you so involved in this?"​

Simple answer; I respect all the officers and their families do for their communities! 

It started in 2016 when I wanted to show my support for local law enforcement in my hometown of Crestview, FL. Instead of a plate of cookies, or a note, I wanted the officers to know I had their back. I wanted to support the people BEHIND the officers; their families. Specifically, the wives. The women, whether married, dating, engaged, or a part of law enforcement themselves, needed to know that people loved them; that the community cared. 

Thus, the annual luncheon was born! We collect door prizes from all over the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, invite massage therapists, nail techs, and makeup artists to join us for a time of pampering for women in and behind the blue line. The women enjoy a light lunch and time of fellowship with other blue line ladies.

        Hannah Fortune
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